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Heart of the Lowcountry Series Bundle (eBook)

Heart of the Lowcountry Series Bundle (eBook)

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The beloved Sweeney Sisters saga continues with the trials and tribulations of the younger generation's siblings and cousins.


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About the books . . .

After the Storm

Lizbet gives no warning and offers no
explanation when she walks out on her husband of only two years. As a hurricane
howls through their quaint Lowcountry town, Lizbet seeks refuge in the familiar
embrace of her childhood home in Charleston. Seven months later, she’s still
living with her sister, flat broke with her fertility problem unresolved. If
she tells Jamie the truth, she risks losing him forever.

Jamie's marriage is on the brink of collapse.
With no communication from Lizbet for months, he fears a divorce is looming. To
complicate matters, a charming property developer enters the picture, stirring
Jamie's emotions and leaving him confused. Will he choose to honor his vows or
pursue a new love?

Sean’s restaurant owes much of its success to Carla, his brilliant head
chef. However, Carla’s personal life is in turmoil because of her son’s anger
management issues, which she struggles to control. To ease her burden, Sean
invites Carla and her son to move in with him at his parents’ stunning
waterfront estate. But Sean’s twin brother, Cooper, resents her presence and
tension soon rises. Will Sean be able to keep the peace, or will this dilemma
tear his family apart?

Weekend on Sullivan's Island

Annie has fallen hard for the handsome and charming Tyler, but their relationship is far from easy. Tyler's disapproving parents and judgmental friends make Annie feel like an outsider, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Tyler by her side, even if it means sacrificing her successful catering career. Will she be able to hold onto her dream man, or will love come at too high a cost?

When Cooper sees Annie at his inaugural gallery opening, he knows he must seize the opportunity to win her heart back. But there's just one problem—Annie's current boyfriend is a total jerk who won't make it easy for Cooper.

Brooke’s high school best friend, Grady, has moved back to town. As they spend more time together, their bond deepens, and Brooke finds herself falling in love with him. But she’s keeping a secret from him—she’s carrying another woman’s baby. Will Grady be able to accept Brooke and her unexpected situation, or will their love be torn apart by this shocking revelation?


Reviews . . .

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"You can always depend on an Ashley Farley book. She's one of my go-to authors when I need a good story with a happily ever after ending. Her characters are always well written and feel like people I know and her books are just plain fun."

"I’m so glad to see Ashley returning to writing about the Sweeney family."

"The author writes where I can feel the salt air and taste all the scrumptious food. A favorite author where I always look forward to her next book."