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Palmetto Island Series Bundle (eBook)

Palmetto Island Series Bundle (eBook)

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In the picturesque lowcountry, three middle-aged friends navigate the turbulent waters of life post-divorce. Amidst the serene marshes and historic cobblestone streets, they confront personal hardships, rediscover themselves, and kindle flames of new romance.

Join them on their intertwined journeys of heartbreak, resilience, and starting anew in this captivating women's fiction series.


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Muddy Bottom
Birdie Fuller’s new year is off to a bad start. Her husband has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Birdie to cope with their unmarried daughter’s unplanned pregnancy. As they clash over whether Hannah should keep the baby, Birdie confronts the issues in her marriage that led to her husband leaving. Meanwhile, Hannah juggles her final college semester and job hunting for a future that includes her child, away from Birdie. Returning to Palmetto Island for the summer, the tension between them escalates as they downsize to from their beloved waterfront home to an apartment above a bakery. Amidst the backdrop of romantic women's fiction, Palmetto Island delves into the complexities of a strained mother-daughter bond, exploring themes of family, hope, and the quest for second chances.

Change of Tides
Birdie Fuller doesn’t like change. And a lot of change is happening at once. Her daughter, Hannah, finally cutting the apron strings, is moving with her three-year-old grandson to a nearby city. Facing a lonely empty nest, Birdie joins a dating website to find companionship. She meets the seemingly perfect man, but is their relationship too good to be true? Meanwhile, Hannah, inspired by the tranquility of Palmetto Island for her web design business, must choose between the comfort of her mother's home and the growth opportunities of a bustling city. Her carefully constructed world is shaken when Ryan, the father of her child who remains unaware of his son, unexpectedly reappears. Hannah stands at a crossroads: to rekindle a past relationship with Ryan or open her heart to new possibilities.

Lowcountry on My Mind
Amelia has been plotting to escape her abusive husband for years. When her mama’s untimely death provides an unexpected opportunity, she hops on the next bus to the South Carolina Lowcountry. Her husband will eventually come for her. But she’s prepared. Her freedom has given her the confidence to face her uncertain future. She settles in at her family’s oceanfront estate to await her destiny. But a visit from Amelia’s past presents danger in a different form.

Sail Away
Becca has embarked on the most important mission of her life. She trusts no one, and she’s running out of time. On a whim, she rents a beach cottage on Palmetto Island for the summer. She’s searching for a solution to her problem. Help comes in unexpected friendships with three amazing women of Palmetto Island.