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Magnolia Series Bundle (eBook)

Magnolia Series Bundle (eBook)

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A fortune, an old mansion, and a haunted past await in Charleston's historic South Battery.


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Magnolia Nights
Plagued by gaps in her childhood memories, Ellie Pringle has spent years in therapy trying to unlock the secrets of her past. But it's the unexpected death of a grandmother she hasn't seen in over three decades that catapults her into a journey of profound discovery.

Inheriting a fortune along with an antebellum mansion in Charleston's historic South Battery, Ellie decides to leave behind her life in San Francisco—and a heart-wrenching breakup—to confront her past head-on.Stepping into the cavernous halls of her ancestral home, Ellie immediately senses she's not alone. The house seems to whisper with ghosts of the past, the most pressing of whom is her own deceased mother. When Ellie stumbles upon her mother's leather-bound journal on a dusty bookshelf, she's plunged into a maze of haunting revelations that demand answers.

With the impending threat of Hurricane Lorene swirling toward the South Carolina coast, Ellie meets Julian Hagood—a charismatic architect with the skills to restore her crumbling mansion and perhaps heal her shattered heart. But delving deeper into her mother's diaries, her discoveries send her spiraling down a path of shocking realizations and harrowing truths.

Beyond the Garden
Just when Ellie thought she had it all—a loving husband, a promising future, and a beautiful home in Charleston's esteemed Battery neighborhood—her world spirals into chaos. News erupts that her brother-in-law has been brutally murdered in Key West, and her elusive sister, Lia, is the prime suspect. Lia, missing for seven months, has left her twin daughters in Ellie and Julian's loving care, but her disappearance now takes on a chilling new dimension.

Compelled by a blend of love, concern, and lingering questions, Ellie and Julian embark on a high-stakes journey to Key West. The questions mount at every turn: Where has Lia gone? Is she involved in her husband’s murder? And what will become of her abandoned children? But the quest for answers proves to be a twisted maze of shocking family secrets and devastating betrayals.