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Virginia Vineyards Series Bundle (eBook)

Virginia Vineyards Series Bundle (eBook)

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In the scenic mountain town of Lovely, Virginia, Casey Hobbs finds herself entangled into an intricate tapestry of a family she’s just beginning to know. As she delves deeper into her lineage, she discovers a sense of belonging she’s always yearned for. Yet, acceptance doesn't come easy. Old rivalries and bitter feuds with her newfound half-siblings challenge Casey's place in this world she's just discovering.


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Love child
After nursing her mother through a terminal illness, Casey is left with a letter revealing clues about her mysterious father, Daniel Love. Leaving her old life behind, she travels from New York to the charming town of Lovely, Virginia. She accepts a graphic design job at Foxtail Farm, only to discover a bitter feud between the vineyard's owner and the Love family. As she bonds with Daniel, Casey faces the animosity of her newfound siblings, who are fiercely protective of their family's legacy.

Blind Love
Ada’s world is torn apart when she discovers the man who raised her isn’t her biological father. To make matters worse, Daniel’s illegitimate daughter, Casey, has taken Ada’s place in his life. Faced with losing everything, Ada searches her dead mother’s belongings for answers. What she discovers will change her life forever.

Forbidden Love
Daniel Love has alienated his loved ones. And he’ll stop at nothing to have his daughter and long-time mistress back in his life. He resorts to drastic measures, devising a wicked scheme intended to elicit sympathy from his family. All hell breaks loose when his plan backfires.

 Love and war
In the gripping finale of the series, Daniel, on the brink of retirement, sparks a fierce competition among the Love siblings for control of the family vineyard. This battle threatens not just the vineyard's legacy, but also endangers lives,
jeopardizes romances, and risks severing family bonds forever.

What readers are saying . . .

"Not just have one or two twists but many, and they are astounding, life-changing matters that will leave you slack-jawed and keep you up reading way later than you should!”

“The characters are so realistic that you will feel as though you know them, and you will certainly feel the intensity of the drama as it unfolds around them.”

“Farley delivers stories readers can relate to, a drama that demands attention, and in this series, passion is always a constant along with an unquenchable desire for money and power."

"I couldn't put it down, and when I reached the end I was like, oooohhh!"

"Farley's books never fail to capture my heart with her Southern charm, effortless writing style, and strong female characters who always come to feel like my real-life friends. Love Child is no exception."