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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

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A father’s lie tears his family apart in the captivating continuation of the bestselling Virginia Vineyard series.

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Daniel Love has alienated his loved ones. And he’ll stop at nothing to have his daughter and long-time mistress back in his life. He resorts to drastic measures, devising a wicked scheme intended to elicit sympathy from his family. All hell breaks loose when his plan backfires.

Ada is torn between her fathers. Her recently discovered biological father wants her to help run his equestrian center, but his son, Ada’s new half brother, Stuart, isn’t too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Daniel, the man who raised her from birth, has a special request only she can grant.

Laney is trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband refuses to divorce her, and she lacks the resources to support her teenage daughters on her own. New friend and local winemaker, Bruce Wheeler, encourages her to start her own floral design business. But their friendship quickly develops into forbidden passion.

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Daniel takes in the surrounding landscape. The backdrop is worthy of a portrait with rows of grapevines stretching deep into the valley and the late-summer sun descending beyond the mountains. He experiences a pang of jealousy. Although he’ll never admit it to anyone, the view from Foxtail Farm’s cafe terrace beats the one from his own vineyard next door. He may be getting on in his years, but his expansion plans are far from being complete. He aims to make Love-Struck not only the most magnificent vineyard in Virginia but on the East Coast.

The bride is stunning in a strapless satin gown, her groom a dapper figure in a slate-blue suit. Placing her back to her audience, she tosses the bouquet over her head, which then whirls through the air toward the women clustered in front of Daniel. Among this group are his daughters, Ada and Casey, and his mistress of ten years, Ruthie. When the bouquet lands in Casey’s hands, she lets out a shriek and drops it like a hot potato.

“I don’t want it!” she cries, staring down at the bouquet as one might a snake. “Luke and I have only been dating a few weeks.” She tugs on Ada’s arm. “You should have it, since you’re already engaged.”

Ada swats Casey’s hand away. “No thanks! Enzo and I have agreed to a long engagement.”

Scooping up the bouquet, Ruthie presses the flowers to her nose and bats her eyelashes at Daniel. He gives his head a slight shake, and she pokes her lower lip out in a pout.

“The flowers are gorgeous. I’m keeping it despite what you think,” she says in a low voice meant only for him.

Daniel glances around to see if his daughters are watching them. Thankfully, they are distracted by the band who has retaken the stage. He waits until Ada and Casey wander off with their significant others before he says, “What was that about, Ruthie? I hope you’re not going to start harassing me about marrying you.” 

She moves in close to him. “Why not, Daniel? We’re not getting any younger, and I don’t want to grow old alone.”

“You know how I feel. Marriage ruins relationships,” he says, his voice a low hiss.

“Not always. Plenty of couples are happily married. I understand you’re gun-shy after your troubled first marriage. But you and Lila were incompatible. You and I have been blissfully cohabitating for ten years.” Ruthie’s eyes shine with unshed tears. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re embarrassed to be seen with me.”

“You know that’s not true.” The lie slips easily from his tongue. Daniel’s peers would laugh him off the planet if he married a blonde bombshell diner owner.

She removes a tissue from her handbag and blots her eyes. “Then why do we have to keep our relationship a secret?”

“You know why,” Daniel snaps.

“Because you don’t think I’m good enough for you. And you’re waiting for someone better to come along.”

Daniel scowls. “This conversation is getting old.”

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Matters of the Heart— The genie is out of the bottle. After decades of secrecy, Stella has finally made her resort’s natural hot springs available to guests. Little does she know, the waters have magical healing powers. Not only do the springs cure physical ailments, but matters of the heart as well. When word gets out, she has a riot of opportunity seekers on her hands.

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