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Solo Sagas-Stand Alones

Solo Sagas-Stand Alones

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Solo Sagas

Every Story is a New Journey

This limited edition collection features five top-selling stand alone novels in one bundle. 

Immerse Yourself in Southern Charm. Discover a world of heartwarming romance, gripping family drama, and mysterious suspense. Each standalone book is a adventure to the heart of the South.

Tangled in Ivy
Sweet Tea Tuesdays
On My Terms
Lies that Bind
Scent of Magnolia



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Books in the Series

About the books . . .

Scent of Magnolia A homecoming sparks old resentments between childhood friends andleads to the revelation of decades-old secrets. A moving story of friendship, hope, and second chances. Fun Fact: My journey as a writer was significantly shaped by my work on Scent of Magnolia. Initially, I experimented with various tenses and perspectives, delving deep into its complexities. Despite my efforts, the intricate plot eventually overwhelmed me, leading me to set the project aside. A decade later, with renewed determination, I revisited the story. Because I’d erased the previous files, I had to start from scratch. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Armed with a decade's worth of growth and insights, I was able to reimagine the narrative. The result was a far more cohesive and compelling story. 

Tangled in Ivy When Lillian unearths a thumb drive marked for “her eyes only” in her late father’s study, Lillian plunges into Graham's intimate recollections of his turbulent relationship with her mother. These revelations unearth long-buried memories, propelling Lillian on a quest for self-discovery. Fun Fact: Tangled in Ivy stands out as my most Southern novel. It encapsulates the essence of the South through its complex characters and the quintessentially dysfunctional family dynamics that are often synonymous with the region. The narrative is a labyrinth of twists and turns, so intricate that even I found myself navigating its complexities with intrigue. My personal connection to the novel's setting deepens its significance. I got married in the Lowcountry mere days before Hurricane Hugo unleashed its fury on the South Carolina coast. Revisiting this unsettled time in my life through my writing resurrected a flood of bittersweet memories. 

Sweet Tea Tuesdays Three lifelong friends face a tumultuous summer that tests their bonds, secrets, and the unbreakable ties of friendship in this emotional journey. Fun Fact: Sweet Tea Tuesdays is my most bestselling novel to date. I was beyond thrilled when it reached the Amazon charts two weeks in a row. Over the years, I’ve been inundated with heartfelt messages from readings more than any of my previous works. It's clear the journey of these three old friends has resonated deeply, touching the hearts and lives of many.

On My Terms Winner of the Virginia Holt Medallion award. Jolie Hogan likes black coffee, lacy panties, and neat tequila. She’s a cop, turned journalist, turned private investigator. And she's currently ensnared in a deadly web, framed for murder by an influential criminal attorney—the victims being his wife and her own husband, Lucas. Fun Fact: I started writing On My Terms as a serialized story for Kindle Vella. I’d only gotten a few chapters in when I realized I had to make it a novel. I learned a valuable lesson. I am not a serial writer. I was thrilled when On My Terms won Virginia Romance Writer’s HOLT Medallion award for best novel by a Virginia Author. 

Lies that Bind A missing young woman. A grieving mother. An investigative journalist determined to find answers. A suspenseful story of three women who, in search of freedom from the lies that bind them, experience personal growth, discovery, and forgiveness.

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What readers are saying . . .

“The plots are plausible, the characters are real, and the books are set in the South. They are some of my favorite reads.”

“Farley creates characters that feel real and stories that tug at your heartstrings.”

 “I love Farley’s books because she writes about women who have family values and loyalty and strength. Her stories are soulful and inspiring.”

“Farley’s books are always so heartwarming and touching. They make me feel like I am there in the story. And they usually make me cry.”