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Songbird's Second Chance

Songbird's Second Chance

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A gripping tale of secrets and self-discovery. Songbird’s Second Chance follows the intertwined stories of Savannah and Harper as they confront their pasts. Savannah, haunted by the abduction of her child decades ago, is forced to return to South Carolina as her life unravels in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, Harper stumbles upon a hidden truth about her identity after her mother's passing, propelling her on a quest to uncover her roots in the Lowcountry. As their paths converge, they both grapple with the courage needed to face the mysteries and challenges that await them in this emotional journey of family, identity, and reconciliation. 


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Thirty years ago, Savannah’s child was taken from her
shortly after giving birth. The next day, she ran away to the Pacific Northwest
where she’s been living ever since. But her circumstances have changed. The tavern
where she bartends is closing and her landlord is selling the house she rents.
Now seems like the right time to go home to South Carolina, but does she have
the courage to face her past?


Upon her mother’s death, while searching for funeral
instructions, Harper comes across a sealed envelope containing a worn scrap of
yellow flannel, an address in a small town she’s never heard of, and her
adoption papers. Everything about her life suddenly makes sense, including why
she and her mother were so very different. Determined to find her birth mother,
Harper embarks on a journey of discovery to the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Chapter One-Look Inside

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I feel all eyes boring into me, watching me, waiting for me to
make a wrong move. I’m an imposter, a wedding crasher, the newcomer in a small
town where everyone knows everyone else. Bowing my head, I slump down in the
white wooden folding chair. From beneath my brow, I peek at the guests around
me. To my relief, no one is paying any attention to me. They’re too engrossed
in the ceremony. The bride and groom are center stage, standing with the
minister under an arbor of blue hydrangeas with the cerulean waters of Catawba
Sound glistening in the background. They strike a handsome couple—she in a midi
white chiffon dress and he in a pale gray linen suit.

haven’t yet met the couple. But the groom, Will Darby, owns Tracy’s Threads,
the women’s clothing boutique where I recently started working. The boutique’s
manager, Mollie, invited me to be her plus-one for the wedding when her
boyfriend bailed on her at the last minute in favor of a bill-fishing
tournament up the coast in Mount Pleasant. I jumped at the chance to visit
Marsh Point, the Darby family’s ancestral home, a graceful Lowcountry-style
house set amid a backdrop of the sweeping Carolina marshland.

slip a scrap of paper from my vintage beaded clutch and read the message
written in my mother’s hasty handwriting. 
Darby Baby. January 9th. Marsh Point. One
hundred Pelican’s Way. Water’s Edge, South Carolina.
My adoptive mother,
Victoria Boone, died eight weeks ago, at the beginning of April, from a brain
aneurysm. Ten days ago, while searching her desk in her home office for her
life insurance policy, I found a sealed envelope beneath her hanging files in
the bottom drawer. Either my mother had hid it there, or it had slipped through
the hanging files. Along with the address, the envelope also included a remnant
of a baby’s blanket—yellow flannel printed with baby ducks. January 9 is my
birthday. If my suspicions are correct, one of the two women seated in the
front row on the groom’s side is likely my biological mother.

the paper to my purse, I shift in my seat to get a better view of the Darby
sisters, but with several rows of people separating us, I can only see the
backs of their heads. While their hair is the same golden honey color, one
sister wears hers in a pixie cut and the other in long, layered waves. An
attractive man sits tall and erect beside the sister with short hair. Is he her
husband? Where are her children? Do the bored-looking flower girls and ring
bearer belong to her? Seated beside the other sister are two teenagers—a boy
and a girl—with hair the same mahogany shade as the man with them, who, I
assume, is their father.

minister pronounces them husband and wife, the couple kisses, and the crowd
cheers. Following the migration of guests to the food tent, I spot the Darby
sister with the pixie cut waiting at the carving station for a slice of beef

step in line behind her. “Lovely wedding. Your family’s home is gorgeous.”

she turns to face me, confusion replaces her smile. “I’m sorry. Have we met?”

extend my hand. “Not yet. I’m Harper Boone, the new sales assistant at Tracy’s
Threads. I’m Mollie’s date for the wedding. Her boyfriend was unable to attend
at the last minute.”

shakes my hand. “In that case, welcome to Marsh Point. I’m Ashton Darby, Will’s
eldest sister.”

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"Warning - clear your calendar before you start this book because you won't want to put it down until the end. The characters are so well written that you really care about what happens to them and hope for a happy outcome to all of the family turmoil."

"This series just keeps getting better and better! I've become more and more invested in all of the characters lives with each new story. And I want more!"

"I love this whole series and this installment takes us into the world of Savannah, who fled the family home thirty years ago, taking her secrets with her. Can she go home and make things right? And maybe, just maybe, she'll find what she's been searching for all those years. "

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