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Sweeney Sisters Audiobook Bundle

Sweeney Sisters Audiobook Bundle

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In the Sweeney Sisters Series, discover the strength behind the tears, the love that perseveres through trials, and the resilience that redefines what it means to be a family.


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Other Books in the Series

About the books . . .

Her Sister’s Shoes
Sam Sweeney is the heartbeat that keeps the family ticking. But what happens when the caretaker needs care? After a devastating ATV accident shatters her son's world, leaving him confined to a wheelchair, Samantha's own unbreakable façade cracks. Witness the transformative journey of a mother pushed to her limits—how far will she go to hold her family together when her own world is falling apart?

Lowcountry Stranger
When enigmatic stranger Annie Dawn crashes a Sweeney family wedding, she captivates everyone with her charm and mystery. But her sudden appearance is no accident. As tensions rise and secrets unravel, the Sweeney sisters must confront both the enigma that is Annie and the hidden issues in their own lives. This gripping tale of family, suspense, and revelation will keep you riveted until its stunning conclusion.

Boots and Bedlam
Sam Sweeney's dream is simple: a Christmas Eve wedding surrounded by the people she loves. But life has other plans, from comedic mishaps to unexpected obstacles that could upend her big day. Between juggling a booming seafood market, untangling family traditions, and navigating the trials of teenage angst, even a forecasted white Christmas threatens to be more blizzard than blessing.

Tangle of Strings
Discover the gripping saga of a family on the brink. For generations, the Sweeneys have been a fortress of love and forgiveness—until now. A crisis erupts, threatening to shatter the very foundation that has always kept them united. At the eye of the storm is sixteen-year-old Annie Bethune and her boyfriend, Cooper. Their youthful dreams for the future spark a family-wide debate that leaves no one on the sidelines. As opinions clash and loyalties are tested, Annie feels like a puppet in a drama she didn't write. But when those strings snap and a family feud explodes, Annie makes a drastic choice: she runs. She doesn’t realize she’s running straight into the arms of danger.

Saturdays at Sweeney’s
When a devastating fire engulfs Lovie Sweeney's sixty-year-old seafood business, not only do the flames consume a family legacy, but they also ignite a whirlwind of suspicion. Was it a tragic accident, or is this tight-knit family the target of a malicious attack? As Lovie finds herself scrutinized in an arson investigation, the Sweeney clan faces a medical diagnosis that threatens to redraw the family dynamics.