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Weekend on Sullivan's Island

Weekend on Sullivan's Island

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A weekend house party on Sullivan’s Island promises hope for budding romances. But when they all arrive, things take a dramatic turn for the worse. Secrets are revealed, tensions rise, and it seems like everything that can go wrong, does. Will these young lovers be able to salvage their relationships, or will the weekend end in heartbreak and betrayal?

** Please Note: The audiobook version of this title has been digitally narrated. 


Annie has fallen hard for the handsome and charming Tyler, but their relationship is far from easy. Tyler's disapproving parents and judgmental friends make Annie feel like an outsider, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Tyler by her side, even if it means sacrificing her successful catering career. Will she be able to hold onto her dream man, or will love come at too high a cost?

When Cooper sees Annie at his inaugural gallery opening, he knows he must seize the opportunity to win her heart back. But there's just one problem—Annie's current boyfriend is a total jerk who won't make it easy for Cooper.

Brooke’s high school best friend, Grady, has moved back to town. As they spend more time together, their bond deepens, and Brooke finds herself falling in love with him. But she’s keeping a secret from him—she’s carrying another woman’s baby. Will Grady be able to accept Brooke and her unexpected situation, or will their love be torn apart by this shocking revelation?


Cooper spotted her in the crowd of art enthusiasts at his inaugural gallery opening. He monitored her as he spoke with his other guests. She moved from painting to painting, pausing for a moment in front of each one. As she studied the bald eagle composition, she twirled a strand of honey-colored hair around her index finger and gnawed on her lower lip, mannerisms Cooper knew all too well.

When she turned away from the painting, her eyes met his, and a smile crept across her bow lips. She had changed in the years since he’d last seen her. How long had it been? Three years. Maybe four. She was no longer the tomboyish teenager who had stolen his heart. She was now a sophisticated young woman.

Annie strode confidently toward him with shoulders back and head held high. But she greeted him with a playful slap on the shoulder, yet another reminiscent gesture. 

“Cooper! I’m so impressed. Who knew you had such talent?”

“It came as a surprise to me as well,” he said with a chuckle, a sound foreign to his ears. He’d been unhappy for so long. Was he finally coming out of his funk?

“How did you discover this talent?”

“Totally by chance. I walked past an art store during my lunch hour one day, and the display of supplies in the window inspired me to go inside. I decided to give it a try. I bought a canvas and a few tubes of paint, and here we are.”

Her doe brown eyes widened. “Are you serious? You just went home and created your first masterpiece?”

Heat radiated up his neck. “Not exactly. My first attempt was a disaster. I took a couple of painting workshops at the fine arts museum to develop my techniques.”

Annie looked around the room at the paintings, her gaze landing on the bald eagle. “The eagle is by far my favorite. The scenery looks like Moss Creek. Is that where you spotted the eagle?”

“Good eye.” A faraway expression washed over Cooper’s face as he remembered the experience. “It was one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever witnessed. He came outta nowhere, gliding over the lawn before careening back toward the marsh. I’m lucky I had my camera with me. I snapped dozens of photographs, which I used later when working on the painting.”

“Have you seen him again since that day?” she asked, her eyes still on the painting.

“No, but I’ve been on the lookout for him.”

A server approached with a tray of white wine in plastic cups, which they both refused. “Is this your catering gig?” Cooper asked.

She dipped her chin and glared at him from beneath furrowed brows. “Um . . . no. Tasty Provisions doesn’t serve cheap wine and store-bought cubed cheese.”

“My bad! Sean is the foodie in the family,” he said about his twin brother, the restaurant owner. “Thanks for stopping by. Are you here alone?”

“Actually, I’m with my boyfriend.” Annie glanced around the room. “He’s here somewhere.”

Cooper’s heart sank at the mention of a boyfriend. “Is he an art collector?”

“He has a few impressive pieces, but I wouldn’t call him a collector. No offense, but I don’t think Tyler came for the art. He’s very social. He doesn’t like to miss a party. When he suggested we attend the opening, I didn’t realize you were the artist. I’m impressed, Cooper. Your work is inspirational.”

“Thank you, Annie. That really means a lot.” Cooper’s spirits lifted. Until now, he’d only shared his art with a few people, mostly family members who felt obligated to praise his talent.

Annie gave him a once-over. “I almost didn’t recognize you with the long hair. The new look fits your artist persona.”

“I’m trying to distinguish myself from my twin,” he said, tucking a stray strand of auburn hair into his man bun.

“Well, I think it’s very boho,” she said, her appreciative tone contradicting the hint of distaste on her lips.

A guy with sandy wavy hair and a face too pretty to be handsome placed a possessive hand on Annie’s back. “Come on, babe. Let’s get outta here. This artist sucks.”

Annie cast Cooper an apologetic look as her boyfriend led her into the crowd.

Wealth clung to the guy like his custom-made navy sport coat. Cooper knew the type well. Old Charleston money, home on the Battery, membership at the yacht club, multiple generations of ancestors buried in St. Philip’s graveyard. What was Annie doing with someone like that?


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